Monday, July 22, 2013

July in Indiana: At a Glance

July in Danville is time for the 4-H Fair, where I saw these rock star chickens:

and went on a couple rides:

Our chickens are growing every day. Their winter coop is being built: 


In the field, there are some mighty pretty spots (this album I linked to is the best). We have Black-eyed Susans and Purple Coneflower and plenty of others (some came in June and are gone).


Around the house: Shasta daisies (more of our Shasta daisies--an explosion of Becky daisies--here)

Blue Salvia, 

Italian White Sunflowers 

Baptisia, and much more.         

Then there are vegetable gardens desperately in need of tending. I'll only show one picture, of the row garden:

It needs work, but we're about to leave town for a week! We're visiting Maryland, where I graduated from high school, and Virginia (we'll get the garden tour at Monticello).

Thank goodness my parents live next door, but taking care of the chickens alone is a lot to ask (although they do put themselves to bed, even if it takes a while).