Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gardening with Greenzona and the Aerogarden, 2

Chronicling the garden experiments with our new camera:
From greenzona: Beans, melons, and peppers!

The greenzona compost is full of surprises. These mushrooms just showed up. (We had some unexpected, unidentified sprouts in our worm bin as well.)

Delicious basil!

Moving indoors: Here's the hydroponic garden at 11-12 weeks. It was fun to watch the tomatoes turn in four days.

We've had it nearly 12 weeks, and I've eaten most of the tomatoes in this picture. They were OK, but nothing like Sweet 100s from the Midwest, warm from the sun.

The hydroponic jalapeno plant is another story. Although I hand-pollinated all three plants dutifully, I've had all flowers and no fruit from the jalapeno.
Beautiful flowers, but no peppers. Feeling discouraged.

So greenzona=still good. Aerogarden=meh.